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Planning smart for a lifetime of ease / low cost sustainability

Volume 3 Issue 3

With the current generation understanding the power they hold in defining the world of their future generation, people are more conscious of their actions in our global footprint.

Global movements are being held, inviting people all around the world to protest environmental destruction. Example: “Plastic Free July” by the Plastic Free Foundation, originated from Western Australia. Its main goal is to encourage people to refuse single-use plastic, with millions around the world participating together every year. Ideas and resources for all sorts of situations, from food storage to toilet amenities, are provided to participants to make a collective change in our communities, with the hopes of making it permanent (Plastic Free July, 2023).

The same can be said with companies. With the once niche market of supporting sustainable companies, it is growing exponentially every day, and several companies notice this change. Companies have recognized the market's demands and altered their goals, focused more than ever on achieving sustainability through earning a certified logo. These appealing materials used (e.g. silicone) automatically attracts environmentally conscious consumers and further ensure consumers’ confidence when purchasing their products. Thus, ensuring the company's long-term market growth and stable presence for years to come.

With Lexngo’s sustainability living mission of preserving the world for our future generation with their Lexngo ECO lifestyle products, they have developed a range of durable and environmentally friendly products that will set your daily routine for life. Products such as: reusable bags, straws, coffee cups, shopping bag, etc.. All these items are what consumers from all over the world are actively looking for, not merely because of its sustainable properties, but because customers understand that this change, in the long run, would save them a lot of money. Example, Singapore has begun its plastic-free journey by slowly implementing zero-waste grocery shopping, one of its many beginnings. If people start purchasing durable reusable bags, they would save their $0.10 to $0.20 on a piece of plastic bag. Most importantly, they help to reduce plastic waste.

Additionally, with the ever-trending popularity of minimalism and efficiency, Lexngo offers your consumers with its multi-coloured silicone collapsible meal box. These are appealing to the entire market not mainly because of its environmentally conscious movements, but rather, highly regarded based on its convenience. Example: something other than grocery shopping, families are always in supermarkets searching for the next best thing; a durable and fun daily essential. A popular characteristic of Lexngo’s collapsible meal box appeals to families because parents could pack lunch boxes for their children, whilst ensuring maximum usage of their school bags space. This is performed through the simple mechanism of collapsing it after it is empty. Furthermore, this appeals to children of all ages with the different shapes they could choose from. This popularity applies to students and adults as well! Students and working adults especially are looking for convenience as they desire to travel light to their destination.

Furthermore, for businesses, waste reduction is also an effective way to plan smartly and reduce cost at the same time. It helps save on disposal fees and raw materials. Money that businesses might feel is necessary, but actually cost a lot. Starting off with implementation within the business process and committing to the goal of waste reduction, in the long run, this will be profit earned instead of money spent. A perfect example is solar power. Solar power in summary, is using sunlight to generate electricity. It is an investment, however in the long run, saves businesses monthly expenses.

Just like Plastic Free Foundation, we are here to provide some business ideas that promote the integration of sustainability. Why wait for your competitors to follow this movement when you could be the first? Imagine your restaurant selling customers Lexngo’s containers. With each customer returning with the Lexngo container for a takeaway, allows them to collect stamps. With 5 stamps, customers are entitled to redeem a free meal. Even providing a free coffee with a purchase of each drink using Lexngo’s silicone cup. This is one of the many examples that restaurants or café’s could implement to not only promote sustainability, but ensure customer loyalty in the long run. Hence, the golden opportunity of long-term profitability.

Joining Lexngo in this movement is not only for the future generations to come through its environmental sustainability mission, but also is to ensure that market demands are met and that businesses are not missing out on this long-term opportunity.

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